Chennai Mission

Chennai Mission is a registered charitable Trust which is the official CSR arm of Advantage Foods Pvt Ltd.

The Trust aims to provide support to NGOs and Social Causes with an objective to empower the underprivileged through education and job skilling.

What We Do?

The key objectives of
Chennai Mission Trust are


Empowering the underprivileged and skilled youth to live life the unpretentious way.

Education for All

Providing merit scholarships for deserving candidates ranging from corporation schools all the way up to graduation and post-graduation.


Joining with NGO’s and setting up a chain of bakeries and patisseries, thereby employing and empowering the youth with culinary skills. The subsequent profits from these institutions are further invested back for successive charity activities of the NGO’s.

How Can You Help?

Our Projects

Rvive Café

Rvive cafe is the latest initiative of Chennai Mission, in partnership with organizations focused on social & economic welfare.

Winners Bakery & Confectionery

Great Cakes for a Good Cause!

Give-Life Café

Give Life Café, an enterprising effort,

Kaapi Kadai

Vocational Training unit for Boys at Juvenile home, Chennai


If the art of living a steadfast lifestyle has only been an aspiration for a convict,
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